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Kanye West Won FNAA’s Shoe Of The Year Award for Yeezy Boosts

12/03/2015 at 11:50 | PEOPLE

Kanye doesn’t exactly have the best reputation amongst the population at large.

Granted, he can be ever so slightly bombastic, just a touch egocentric, and happens to be the foremost proponent of tooting his own horn.

However, after last night’s Footwear News Achievement Awards, it seems like a little self-congratulations might be in order for Dr. West (and you better believe he’s not about to pass up this opportunity to pat himself on the back)

If the waitlists, eBay resale price, or the fact you can spot his Yeezy Boosts on the feet of almost every A-list celeb wasn’t enough to convince you that these sneakers are one of the hottest things going, last night Footwear News officially confirmed these shoes iconic status when they awarded them with the title of “Shoe of the Year.”

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