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LOOK: PUBLIC ENEMY Piles In FAN’S Ford Focus To Make SHOW After Taxi BAILS

12/03/2015 at 12:24 | The Huffington Post

You ain’t seen NOTHIN’ til you’ve seen FLAVOR FLAV in a FORD FOCUS!!!

Kevin Wells, of Britain, is a major PUBLIC ENEMY fan.

Well, thanks to FATE — and a FORGETFUL taxi driver — Kevin scored the SELFIE of a LIFETIME:

They were doing a signing at record collector and the taxi didn’t turn up and they were late so I said I’ll nip you down.

So Flav, CHUCK D, and members of S1W crammed into Kevin’s Focus and headed to the show.

To Kevin, the experience was SURREAL:

I was looking in the rear-view mirror thinking, ‘Is this actually happening?’ 

Oh it was happening — and it was AWESOME — according to Kevin, when QUEEN’S Bohemian Rhapsody came on the radio:

They were doing the Wayne’s World. Wish I got that on video lol.

Kevin says, during the entire drive, the group’s nervous MANAGER kept blowing up their cells; but they managed to make it to the venue with 15 MINUTES to spare:

I drove up to security and said, ‘I’ve got the band in the back,’ They looked at me as if I was having them on, but then I rolled down the windows and Chuck D showed them the SECURITY PASS.

The group was so GRATEFUL for the ride, they hooked Kevin up with BACKSTAGE passes and tons of SIGNED merch.

THIS is the real PRIZE though:


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