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WTF Is BEYONCE Wearing [Photo]

12/16/2015 at 11:15 | The Huffington Post

Yo, BEYONCE’ just made your UGLY HOLIDAY SWEATER look stylish AF!!!

Either Bey’s stylist had a STROKE — or she got totally LIT at her company Christmas party — cuz her fit was EVERYTHING except FLAWLESS.

  • Black dress with colorful stripes
  • Diamond plaid black, yellow and green long coat
  • Red and green TINSEL
  • Red sparkly BOWS
  • Santa hat
  • Hood earrings
  • Over-sized, glittery green Christmas tree SUNGLASSES

Perhaps someone forgot to get a CHRISTMAS TREE so Beyonce’ FILLED IN!!!

You know I’m just clownin’ Bey because — even coated in ELF VOMIT — the woman is a BAWSE!!!

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