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839 SEX OFFENDERS Live In One TAMPA Neighborhood

01/08/2016 at 11:33 | 10NEWS

THIS is NOT the kind of HOOK UP you’re looking for in YBOR CITY!!!

Most of the people who own houses in the V-M Ybor neighborhood, off Nebraska Avenue in TAMPA, bought their homes for the historic value and to be close to downtown.

Living in Ybor, homeowners expect to share their space with a FEW hoodlums and homeless folks — but the newly-discovered REALITY — is downright SCARY.

Kelly Grimsdale lives in Ybor and says she LOVES her home and neighborhood, but when she plugged her ADDRESS into the FDLE SEX OFFENDER data base — and chose a FIVE MILE radius around her house — 839 SEXUAL PREDATORS popped up:

Kelly was FLOORED:

I was trying to do an email search the other day and over the last four years I have received 97 notifications of a sexual predator moving to our neighborhood. It’s only a matter of time before someone in our neighborhood gets harmed.

So WHY are so many SCUMBAGS choosing to reside in this ONE neighborhood?

Kelly thinks it’s because the area just so happens to be more than 1,000 FEET away from all SCHOOLS, DAYCARE CENTERS, PARKS and PLAYGROUNDS — a requirement for registered sex offenders — and an unnerving reality for their NEIGHBORS.

Yesterday, they made a PLEA — to the Tampa City Council — to CLEAN UP their hood.

One idea is to actually ENFORCE the HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY anti-clustering ordinance, which BANS too many sex offenders from living in one particular area.

A search of the FDLE’s website shows 47 sex offenders — living in THREE houses — along Nebraska Avenue.

After learning this, Kelly posed the PERFECT question:

Ask yourself: ‘Would you allow this in DAVID ISLAND? Would you allow this in SOUTH Tampa?’ If you wouldn’t allow it there, then DON’T allow it here. That’s all I ask is for city leaders to enforce the codes, ordinances and laws EQUITABLY across the city. If you did, we wouldn’t have the concentration just in our neighborhood.

Now ask yourself THIS question: If nearly 1,000 predators MOVE from Ybor, WHERE are they going to live?  Will it be YOUR neighborhood?

Make sure you periodically check the FDLE WEBSITE — for YOUR neighborhood — enter your address and see all the sex offenders in your area — and the CRIMES they’ve committed.

You can also get EMAILS when a predator moves into your neighborhood.

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