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WATCH: PYTHON Latches On To FOOLISH Female’s FACE When She Tries To KISS It

01/11/2016 at 11:32 | Mail Online

A FROG, stupid, you’re supposed to KISS a frog!!!

Now see, THIS is why I had to re-home — my BALL PYTHON, Dakotah — when my kid was born!!!

They may NOT be venomous — but an UNTRAINED handler — will get DEALT WITH.

Case in point, this FOOLISH female tourist…

While visiting an UNAMED animal park, in Thailand, the woman was watching a handler display a RETICULATED PYTHON.

That’s when she decided she would KISS the snake on the HEAD.

Well, apparently, this particular snake does NOT kiss on the first date; and so — LATCHED on to the woman’s FACE — to the HORROR of the handler and PIERCING SCREAMS of the crowd.

The python was NOT quick to release the woman’s NOSE — and as anyone with EXPERIENCE handling a snake knows — snake teeth CURVE toward the BACK of their mouth; so PULLING the snakes head BACK (like this handler did) only RIPS the skin.

You MUST slide the snake’s head FORWARD to disengage the teeth.

The woman was rushed to the hospital and treated for cuts — requiring STITCHES — and bruises.

So, if you ever find yourself vacationing in Thailand — heed this WARNING — officials say it is quite RISKY to attend cowboy animal parks.


In ANOTHER recent incident, at one such park, a woman had her leg BITTEN — by a CROCODILE — when she tried to snap its photo.




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