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Video: Multiple Comedians Accuse Amy Schumer Of Stealing Jokes

01/21/2016 at 7:38 | BroBible

Amy Schumer is getting a crash course on the harsh realities of becoming famous. They build you, and they tear you down. There are new allegations from three comedians that claim that Schumer stole jokes from them.

Comedian Wendy Liebman sparked the controversy by tweeting out,

“Between Amy Schumer doing 1 of my best jokes on her HBO special and this meme of my joke, I’m done with social media.”

That tweet was deleted, but it struck a chord with other comedians.

Arrested Development writer and comedian Chuck Martin replied to Liebman’s tweet suggesting that she talk to comedian Kathleen Madigan, insinuating that the same thing may have happened to her.

WATCH THE VIDEO AND DECIDE… Click the link below!

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