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01/26/2016 at 11:30 | nytimes

The most MAGICAL place in COURT…

Two TAMPA residents — and FIRED technical employees at DISNEY WORLD in Orlando — are SUING the company, along with two global consulting companies, for COLLUDING to replace them with cheap IMMIGRANT labor.

Leo Perrero was laid off from his Disney tech job, a year ago, but not before he spent his final few months TRAINING a temporary IMMIGRANT, from India, to do his job.

Leo was told he could apply for a NEW position — but would not be eligible for rehire for over a YEAR — if EVER.

53-year old Dena Moore worked in a tech position at Disney — for over TEN YEARS — before training her immigrant REPLACEMENT and then being laid off.

The two soon discovered that despite HIGH performance ratings, 250 Disney tech employees had been let go.

That’s when they decided to file suit — separately — but with similar complaints:

They allege that Disney, along with global recruiting companies HCL and Cognizant, colluded to BREAK THE LAW by bringing in foreign workers — using temporary H-1B VISAS — knowingly DISPLACING American workers with immigrants.

According to Moore:

I don’t have to be angry or cause drama, but they are just doing things to SAVE a buck, and it’s making Americans POOR.

Moore also claims she, later, applied for over 150 jobs — with Disney — yet did not get one.

Though the lawsuits were filed separately — they are both seeking CLASS ACTION status — and represent the FIRST time Americans have gone to FEDERAL court to sue, both, outsourcing companies that import immigrants AND the American company with whom they’re contracted.

The lawsuits are based on the RULES for H-1B visas which Congress designed to bring foreign workers — with SPECIAL SKILLS — into the country.

They allege that the outsource companies have DOMINATED the H-1B visa system — by PACKING the application process — to win an OUTSIZE share of the yearly 85,000 visa quota set by Congress.

In addition, employers are REQUIRED to declare — to the Department of Labor — that hiring foreigners on the visas:

Will NOT adversely affect the working conditions of U.S. workers similarly employed.

So, were those Americans fired from Disney adversely impacted by the hiring of imported immigrants? According to Moore:

Was I negatively affected? Yeah, I was. I LOST my JOB.

Sara Blackwell, a lawyer in SARASOTA, represents the former Disney employees and says the suits charge that Disney — LIED UNDER OATH — when they said NO Americans would lose their jobs.

Disney issued a statement, on Monday, saying:

These lawsuits are based on an unsustainable legal theory and are a wholesale misrepresentation of the facts.

Disney’s defense, however, does NOTHING to ease the suffering of those employees — having to START OVER in their career — like Perrero who says:

[I’m] part Italian, part English, part Swedish. I wholeheartedly believe our country needs to have amazing people come here to build a long-term foundation. But the H-1B program had been ABUSED.

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