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Black Or White: Guy Mailed Drugs To Hotel To Try On Vacation

03/17/2017 at 3:00 | Posted by kcummings
Black Or White

Florida is the greatest state for many reasons. Great weather, beautiful beaches, and plenty of material for black or White!!! This dummy is technically from Arizona but, it went down here so we’ll count it.

He was going on a trip to Key West and decided he want to try some Meth for the first time while he was on vacation. So he wrapped the Meth in dirty socks and mailed it to the hotel he was going to be staying at.

An employee opened the package since it was addressed to the hotel. The employee obviously saw what was inside the package and called the cops. The guy’s name was on the return address!!!!

When the guy arrived at the hotel, an undercover cop posing as a hotel employee handed the package to the guy and arrested him.

The man told police the reason he did it was “because he was in town to party.”

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