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MIAMI: Guy Was Giving Illegal Butt Injections, Woman Ended Up In The Hospital

03/17/2017 at 7:19 | Posted by mwalusek
LUENEBURG, GERMANY - APRIL 01:  A syringe seen at doctor's office on April 1, 2006 in Lueneburg, Germany. The two member parties, the SPD and CDU, of the german coalition government, met to discuss reforms of public health insurance system.
Photo Credit: Illustration by Andreas Rentz/Getty Image

A Miami man was arrested for giving illegal butt injections that left a woman hospitalized.

She spent $4,300 on injections to her face and butt… Turns out, the guy wasn’t isn’t a licensed doctor. DUH!

Cops went to the guy’s house and found a bunch of lidocaine and botox.

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