Black Or White: Man Escapes Police Custody After Cutting Hole In Bathroom Ceiling

This sounds like it could be a plot from a movie, only it’s real life!!

A guy that was arrested for multiple charges, was able to cut a hole in the bathroom ceiling and escape from the police station. Here’s how it went down. As he was being processed he told officers that he needed to drop a deuce. So an officer took him from a secure holding cell to a single-stall restroom and waited outside the door while he used the bathroom, police said.

After a few minutes, he said he was almost done and needed just a couple more minutes. The cops weren’t trying to hear that so they started pounding on the door and demand that he open it.

Problem was, there was no reply!!! Officers then opened the door to find this dude destroyed the sheetrock to create a hole in the bathroom ceiling and then climbed into the attic, the report said. He removed the attic ceiling fan and escaped the building through that hole!!!

See mug shot HERE