LaLa & Carmelo Anthony Split Is Getting Worse With A New Secret Revealed

Elsa/Getty Images

In our recent report about the potential marriage split between Carmelo Anthony of the NY Knicks and Hollywood hostess and actress LaLa more info continues to surface.

We had our fingers crossed for the #baegoals couple, but after learning that they now have separate living arrangements fans began to get more than a little concerned. With sources close to the couple telling us that the marriage has been a roller-coaster for a while, the latest reveal just may be the cherry on top. A woman, who is a stripper at a New York gentleman's club, is claiming that she is pregnant with Carmelo's child. Lets just say six and a half months pregnant to be exact - so you could say this has put a greater strain on 'Melo's marriage. The un-named woman expects Carmelo to assist with the medical expenses and other things that the baby may need for a comfortable lifestyle.

Of course paparazzi has spotted LaLa out and about without her wedding ring. This can't be a good sign for those who were hoping the two would amend their differences. Although a small glimmer of hope comes in the silver lining that neither of the two have filed divorce papers.

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City,  was spotted out and asked about his opinion about Carmelo's alleged pregnancy situation. To fans' surprise he came to the player's defense saying, "I don't think you judge sports characters based on things like that... otherwise you'd probably lose half of them."

There are some other famous honorable mentions of stars who got strippers pregnant. You may recognize names like Tyga, Paul George, Wiz Khalifa, Jermaine Dupri and Chief Keef.