Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Will Smith May Be Cast As "Genie" In Aladdin Re-Make

Will Smith may have some big shoes to fill... "Genie", previously played by the late Robin Williams, may be Will Smith's newest role.

After the Beauty and The Beast live action re-make saw insane success, grossing over 1 billion worldwide, Disney is looking at recreating several other classics, and Aladdin has made the cut. Rumor has it Smith was talking to Tim Burton about the Dumbo re-make, but now he's a top contender to be blue and live in a lamp.

The production is gearing up for a long, six-month shoot that is supposed to kick off in the U.K. in July and wrap early next year. The first Aladdin released 25 years ago and made $504 Million, with that kind of money they probably could've bought at actual magic carpet...

What are your thoughts on the Fresh Prince playing the iconic role?