Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

Florist Steals Flowers From Gravesites

Florists are no strangers to funerals and cemeteries, but one florist in New Jersey got a little too comfortable around gravesites.

According to NBC News complaints started rolling in that flowers were being stolen from First Reformed Church Cemetery.

In order to try and solve the situation cops set up flowers near a camera to see if they'd be taken, they were, and 59-year-old Lynda Wingate was the one responsible for snatching up the floral arrangements.

Wingate was charged with theft of moveable property and was released pending an appearance in court. The florist justified her actions by saying she was removing old flowers from the grave sites of people she knew. I'm not saying she's a liar but if the cops were the ones who set out the flowers as a trap the alibi seems slightly wrong.

Stealing flowers from gravesites to sell in you shop?Someone been breathing in too many pesticides.