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Baby Otter Rescued by Power Company

While carpenter Craig Boggs was working with the Salt River Project, he told 12 News that he “noticed something floating in the canal and he turned and hollered ‘hey check that out. What is that?”

The object that he spotted was a baby otter attempting to swim to safety. Boggs noted that the animal kept “going under water” and would try to get back above the waves to “fight a bit more.” Even though his crew was still a distance away from the otter, he knew that the pup was “about to give up” and seemed rather exhausted.

After several tries to get it to safety, Boggs pulled the animal out of the water. Luckily, the animal survived all thanks to a stranger's big heart. Boggs continued to tell 12 News that “it’s the right thing to do. I mean, didn’t want to let the little fella die on its own. It’s not right.”

This Orphaned Baby Otter Thanks You!

By texting CRITTER TO 41444, caring individuals like you are helping Arizona Game and Fish care for sick, injured, and orphaned animals at our Wildlife Center. In the past month, AZGFD rescued three baby animals: a deer fawn illegally removed from wild, an orphaned otter, and a bobcat kitten that someone was trying to raise as a pet.

Once the pup caught his breath, the crew took the animal to the Arizona Game and Fish Wildlife Center. The animal was examined by a vet who determined that the pup was “dehydrated, hungry and infested with fleas that made it anemic.”

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Help us help sick, injured or abandoned wildlife by texting CRITTER to 41444 to donate! We receive zero General Fund dollars. Anything helps

During a short stay at the center, the pup was rehydrated and nursed back to health. The people at the Arizona Game and Fish Wildlife gave the animal to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park so it can make a full recovery. Currently, it will take approximately $5,000 to get this animal to be fully healthy.

This is not the first animal that the Game and Fish Wildlife Center has rescued. Within the past year, according to 12 News, they have rescued “three baby animals: a deer fawn, an otter, and a bobcat.”

Out of Africa Park on Twitter

Update: Otter pup is doing very well. @SRPconnect @azgfd weighed in at 2lbs, 9 oz. #OutofAfrica #wildlife #Arizona

If you want to help this lucky otter as well as other animals, the center is currently taking donations. To donate, either visit the center’s website or text CRITTER to 41444.


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