David Becker/Getty Images for Daylight Beach Club

Ice Cube Confirms Fans Will Get Another Friday Movie

Talk about spilling the beans, we're not sure if Ice Cube meant to tell us there was another Friday movie!

On the Late Late Show With James Corden, Cube shared the episode with singer Jason Derulo. When Jason sat next to Ice Cube he expressed his love for the original Friday movie released back in 1995. Basically saying it was his favorite movie of all time! Well Ice put the icing [see what we did there] on the cake with confirming they are working on another sequel!

"We're working on one right now, " he continues, "We're gonna call it Last Friday." The film will be the fourth in the franchise. Joining the line-up Friday in 1995, Next Friday in 2000 and Friday After Next in 2002. With no official release date set, fans are excited to be receiving a new Friday film, hopefully featuring all of their favorite characters!