Kevin Winter/Getty Images

How Many Times Travis Scott Performed "Goosebumps?"

Travis Scott has added to his lengthy list of accomplishments this past week! The young rapper performs his hit song "Goosebumps" 14 times on stage!

Most wonder what was the purpose. The record of having played the same song repeatedly in one set was previously held by Hip Hop Heavyweights Jay Z and Kanye West. They performed their song "N***** in Paris" an impressive 11 times. However, when Scott asked for the record , somehow he heard 13 and pushed "Goosebumps" out 14 times!

Although, you can see the crowd going through their various moods. Hearing the song consecutively 14 times in a row some were hype, some kind of fell off. No matter the case Scott performs the song with energy each cycle! You can check out the World Record performance thanks to Hip Hop Wired!