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ST. Pete Man Arrested For Claiming Hooters Sign Fell On Foot

Police arrested a man named James Kane after he tried to file a fake insurance claim with Hooters that said the 'O' in the sign fell on top of him. He walked into the restaurant demanding free food because he was injured and when the manager refused he lawyered up and tried to sue the…

5 Most Admired Women in the World

There's a long list of women we admire but some of them aren't included on this list! Here's YouGov survey of the top women we admire in the entire world. 1 Angelina Jolie 2 Michelle Obama 3 Oprah 4 Queen Elizabeth 5 Hillary Clinton Other include: #9 Taylor Swift, #10 Madonna

FLORIDA: Several Clowns Rob Gas Station In Orange County

A clowns wearing masks in Orange County, Florida robbed a Chevron station and freaked everyone out. The clowns demanded money from the clerk before running away with an undisclosed amount money. They left in a gold Jaguar but obviously forgot the gas station has surveillance cameras. The police are currently looking for them.

Daughter Fakes Kidnapping & Extorts Parents For $85,000

A California woman was arrested for faking her own kidnapping and got caught! She sent a picture of herself wrapped in duct tape bound and gagged to extort money from her own parents!!! Her father was so scared he sent $85,000 because he though she was going to die. Cops investigated and discovered the entire…