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Beat The Bomb

Good Day Agents of Mission: WiLD!

You are being briefed regarding a substantial amount of currency that we’ve acquired. There will be limited opportunities to retrieve the assets.

Those times are: 8:25am, 1:25pm, 5:25pm and 7:25pm. Then, and only then, may your team proceed with the extraction of THOUSANDS of dollars!

Agents be warned, there are explosive countermeasures, soley to ensure the funds remain in place.

This mission, should you choose to accept it, is to, quite frankly, BEAT THE BOMB!

We are depending on you greatly, four times a day, at 8:25am, 1:25pm, 5:25pm and 7:25pm. At the appropriate time, the 94th agent to call 1-888-429-0941 will lead our mission!

Are we clear?

Good luck team, Godspeed, and Beat the Bomb from 1-800-ASK-GARY and WiLD 94.1!