The Dark Tower Review

A lot of good movies came out the last couple weekends but their is one movie that caught my attention. The Dark Tower with Idis Elba and Matthew McConaughey which is a novel that was written by Stephen King’s. He is known for a lot other books going movie like Carrie and It which became…

Netflix Drops Narcos Season 3 Trailer

Arguably the best show on Netflix is coming back September 1st! Narcos Season 3 is coming very soon & if you thought Pablo Escobar was bad, wait 'til you see the Cali Cartel. Check out the trailer HERE.

Eminem Producing Film About Battle Rap

Eminem has been pretty low key since his release of MMLP2 back in 2013. However, Em has be featured on the HBO series The Defiant Ones along with Dr. Dre & has been producing a new movie. The film is built around what Slim Shade knows best, battle rap. Check out the trailer for Em's…

"In A Heartbeat" Is One of The First Animated Gay Love Stories

The short film, In a Heartbeat,  premiered on Youtube this past Monday, and the light-hearted cartoon has already touched millions of hearts. Esteban Bravo and Beth David are the creators of the short film. According to E! News their film idea brought in 416 backers pledging $14,191 to bring it to life; more than four times the…

New 'IT' Trailer Released

The remake of It has been long awaited! Stephen King's terrifying story of a small town and a clown is hitting theaters on September 8th, and a new, very detail trailer has been released. Will you hit the theaters to check out the new film?