Plead The Fifth with Meredith pt 3

Will the guys make her plead the fifth? Listen as the questions get very personal making her choose between her husband and father! And what happens when she is forced to state her pet peeves about the other members of the show! It's #pleadthefifth  

VIDEO: Beyoncé and Solange Fell On Stage Together!

Coachella part 2 happened this weekend and Beyoncé did the most once again! She brought out her sister Solange on stage to sing but at the end they were holding each other when Solange fell and took her sister down with her! You know you want to see it. Watch Beyoncé and her sister fall…

Woman Defends Herself From Home Invasion With Crossbow

A 49-year-old woman shot a bunch of intruders with a cross bow to defend herself and family. A masked man holding a hammer demanded weed from the home owner when three other men showed up with three machetes. Without even thinking she grabbed her crossbow and shot it into the stomach of one of the…