FREAKSHOW PODCAST: Women Are Not Being Satisfied By Men!

LISTEN: There is a new study out that claims heterosexual women aren’t being satisfied by men as often anymore. 95% of men reach a climax during intercourse. Women on the other hand aren’t as “simple” if you will. In turn this is making some women turn to women! This topic was right up the Freakshow’s…
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FREAKSHOW PODCAST: Should Meredith Go On A Weekend Getaway With Her Baby Being Only 3 Months Old?

Meredith’s husband brought up the idea that he wanted to take a weekend getaway without their 3 month old baby girl. Meredith and Anthony haven’t left her overnight as of yet, and grandma is town and offered to watch her! She would love to do it and give them a break! Is it too soon…
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FREAKSHOW PODCAST: If Pics Are Posted Online, Are WE Looking For Likes/Comments, or Just Showcasing Results?

AUDIO: We’ve all seen it! Friends over social media posting those pics of their butt or arms or even sexy pics! So when a female posts a booty pic is it wrong for a man to make a comment about it being hot or do they have to remain quiet and not respond? We are…
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