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Mary Brooke // Staff Writer

1 week ago

Here’s How Much Pee Is Actually In The Average Public Pool

The average pool contains around 20 gallons of … Read More


4 weeks ago

Mysteries SOLVED – How Much Pee Is Actually In Pools

Scientists have finally figured out a way to … Read More

Mary Brooke // Staff Writer

2 months ago

Fire Department Rescues 1500 Pound Cow From A Pool

Sunday morning, OK City fire department received a … Read More

Mary Brooke // Staff Writer

4 months ago

Precious Little Boy Can’t Find His Goggles

This precious little boy was frantically looking for … Read More


7 months ago

Man Claims He’s Partially PARALYZED After SNAKE BITE At DISNEY Resort Pool

The most VENOMOUS place on Earth… ALLIGATORS ain’t … Read More

Mail Online

7 months ago

Lifeguard Abducted And Raped While On Duty At Pool

A woman working as a lifeguard was abducted … Read More


9 months ago

Baby elephant thoroughly enjoys his first dip in the pool

Splish splash, baby elephant was taking a bath. … Read More

Mail Online

9 months ago

Look: The RED CROSS Apologizes For ‘SUPER RACIST’ Safety Poster

The need is real; the POSTER is RACIST… … Read More

ABC News

10 months ago

CDC Finds Public Pools & Hot Tubs Rife With Health And Safety Violations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is … Read More

Northwest Florida Daily News

11 months ago

Man busted for having sex in public pool, chasing and trying to hit children

A 28-year-old man who became angry when asked … Read More