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Massachusetts Chickens Are Now Wearing Sweaters

Retirees at a the Fuller Village, a retirement home, have decided to take on a rather unusual project.

They have decided to knit sweaters for chickens in the the area. Yes, you read that right! During the winter months, Massachusetts is notorious for being obscenely cold.

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Due to the freezing temperatures, may chickens are affected. Some shed their feathers due to the plunge in weather while other chickens are exotic breeds that are not used to the cold temperatures.

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In order to keep the chicken healthy and alive, organizer Nancy Kearns thought of an inventive way to help her feathered friends. The project helps birds living on an estate next to the retirement home known as the Mary M.B. Wakefield Charitable Trust.


One member of the club, Barbara Widmayer, started knitting when she was 15 years old. Needless to say, she never thought that she would one day be knitting sweaters for poultry!

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Thank you for a great laugh this morning, @23ABCNews ??? I NEED a sweater-wearing chicken, tout suite & ASAP! ?


In an article written by The Globe and Mail, they stated that one of the sweaters was created for a Malaysian bird. The rooster, known as Prince Peep on the estate, received a handcrafted sweater by Widmayer. Widmayer stated that “there’s so much going on these days that’s kind of contentious in the world. It was actually very calming to me to work on this.”


Another member of the club, Libby Kaplan, told Global News that joining this club helped her overcome her fear of birds. Reminiscing on her experience, she stated that “One person I heard say there were more important things to do in this world. Make things for people that need it. I think animals need to be warm, too, and I’m so glad we did it.”

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Chicken Sweaters": https://t.co/c6xTphGqY4

Not only does the sweaters help to keep the bird warm, but it also has increased egg production. Estate spokeswoman Erica Max states that there has been a dramatic increase since the chickens began wearing their new attire.


Max commented on the surprising jump and stated “I’m not sure that we can show scientific results, but we’ve definitely seen some improvement in our egg production.”


The club is currently deciding what animal-based project they would like to take one next. One idea Kearns had was to created blankets for elephants in India.


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