(Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)

Drake's LA Home Broken Into!

Drake get's pulled through the ringer yet again getting two major blows in the same week!

The "Controlla" star's L.A. home was burglarized by a 24 year old woman who was caught and is now being charged with felony burglary. Now what exactly did she steal is the greatest concern of the Six God's fans. The woman was found in the luscious home's bathroom wearing one of Drake's hoodies with a few sodas and waters in hand. Most of us would have gone for something a little more valuable, but who knows why she only took items that would keep her warm and well hydrated. We are unsure if the young lady was homeless or an over the top fan, because her identity was not released. Thankfully, none one was harmed in the burglary and nothing of great value was taken or broken.

However, there is a woman who has hit the More Life artist twice as hard. Instagram model known as Layla Lace reveals that she is potentially pregnant by none other than Drake. She claims that she has tried to privately contact the mega music star, but after telling him that she was pregnant she has not had any response from him. She went on to say that the only way she could get through to Drake was to go public with the situation. She used a credible blog site to post text message screen shots and a picture of a positive pregnancy test. Fans are torn about the allegations and are unsure if they should believe the Instagram model, or drag her like the faithful OVO fans are known to do to defend their royal leader. We anxiously await a DNA test to put the rumors to rest.