Brian Blanco/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers To Be Featured On HBO'S Hard Knocks Season 12

When you think about it football is one of the most powerful sports in the world. Die hard fans, weekly to year round rituals, and somehow inherited the ability to take Sunday away from church all together. ! This doesn't surprise us, however, many of he Tampa Bay Bucs fans will be interested to know that our very own Buccaneers will appear on the season 12 running of the HBO series Hard Knocks.

There's been speculation left and right as to what we can expect from tee series. Some lists are down right hysterical with assumptions like a metaphorical clip in the pre-credits sequence on the very first episode. They jab even harder and say, " Maybe finding the straightest stretch of I-75 and artistically filming a 1997 Hyundai Elantra driving the speed limit? They can get the "flat earth" guy to drive." The satire doesn't stop here. Some are prediction at there will be the old classic 'boys will be boys' brawl somewhere in the season, jokes on the height of Jacquizz Roders, who is only 5'6" by the way.

However Dirk Koetter seems to be a fan favorite of topics to cover for the season since the new coach joined the team he has held a low profile, and that's all about to be uncovered with a little camera magic. In a press conference earlier this weekend Koetter commented, "I like watching the show. I wish I wasn't on it." This should be interesting.