Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Atlantic Records

Research Shows That Rap Has The Least Amount Of Drug References But You'll Never Guess The Number 1 Genre

Does Rap music have the least amount of drug references?

A recent study has shown that among the different genres of music rap actually has the lease amount of drug references, while country hold the title for having the most! In a study conducted and released exclusively to Newsweek genres like Country, Folk, EDM, Jazz, Rap, Rock and some others were examined in their research. reports, "Out of eight categories, country leads the way with a 1.6 percent occurrence on average, followed closely by jazz and pop music. Hip-hop actually falls in last place at less than 1.3 percent behind folk, challenging the assumption that all rappers are lyrical drug peddlers."

The list of drugs mentioned and pushed by artist included weed, cocaine, ecstasy, acid, heroin, meth, pills and the honorable mention of alcohol and liquor beverages. Not so surprising, weed does beat out it's competition for being the most mentioned in music. The findings also went so far as to point out which individual artists had the highest mentions of drug use and push, independent of their genre, and some familiar names are Jay-Z, Insane Clown Posse, Lil Wayne and more. However, some feel the evidence may be skewed since somehow Snoop Dogg didn't make the list!