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Men Now Have The Choice Of Wearing Rompers

I'm all for gender inclusivity, but this is ridiculous.

Personally, I don't need to see a guy in a romper. I preferably would rather just see them in shorts, heck, even JORTS before I would accept this. But yes, ladies and, more importantly, gentleman, you can now wear a romper. Or can, very soon.

The people that are doing the Kickstarter for this product are calling the jumpsuit looking apparel a "RompHim," and the photos suggest it's the great thing to wear on your Daddy's Yacht with some Sperry's.

And while you're out playing Wolf Of Wall Street dressed in pastel, men, please be advised that now you get to fully enjoy the experience that is constantly checking for "camel toe."

Tim Marts on Twitter

Started from "my dad will sue you 2016" now we here. #rompers #RompHim

Personally, it does nothing for me in terms of finding any of these dudes attractive, then again, I don't really dig full pastel on a guy. At best, I can be happy for the fact they're including a zipper so the men don't truly have to deal with what we do when having to use the facilities, i.e. practically getting undressed at the sake of being cute.

Someone get Pharrell Williams on the phone to model. I'm sure he wants one of these.


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