Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Viral Picture Of Notorious B.I.G. and Kurt Cobain Hanging Out Is Actually Just An Amazing Photoshop

Fans were going nuts over a rare photo of Biggie and Kurt Cobain seemingly hanging out together. Popular rapper ASAP Ferg even posted the picture to his Instagram with the caption, " Hands down the greatest picture I ever seen in my life".

Well much to his disappointment, and ours, the picture is just a really stellar photoshop! The original picture of Kurt Cobain, which shows B.I.G. nowhere in sight, has surfaced. Biggie and Kurt were two of the 90's biggest music icons. The late rapper Notorious B.I.G. survives through hits like: "Juicy, Everyday Struggle, Hypnotized, Mo Money Mo Problems" and much more! Kurt who is a beloved member of the band Nirvana has records like: "School, Come As You Are, Negative Creep, Sliver, Lithium" and then some, under his belt!

Thanks to XXL Mag you can actually check out the photoshopped masterpiece and the original! Somebody needs to give this photoshop genius an honorary Grammy!