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33-Year-Old Florida Teacher Charged With Sexual Assault Says She Was Only Mentoring 15-Year-Old Student

33 year-old teacher Pamela Stigger is being charged with two counts of sexual assault.

The Black Loop reported that the cops pulled up on a seemingly empty car, only to find the teacher in the backseat with her 15-year-old student, also his pants were down. Stigger claimed there was no sexual contact she was simply his "mentor".

After realizing the story was less than convincing, she decided to blame everything on the young student. Claiming he seduced her while giving him a ride home.

The student then pipped up, he wasn't about to let his "mentor" put all the blame on him. He said she was driving him home, then she pulled the car over and started kissing him, they moved to the backseat, had sex, and were about to go for round 2 but the cops interrupted!

Stigger was surprisingly transferred to another school, but isn't allowed near kids until her case reaches resolution.

Photo: The Shade Room