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Girl Scout Leader Arrested For Stealing 6,000 Boxes Of Cookies

Leah Ann Vick, a Kentucky Girl Scout troop Leader, has been accused of stealing the cookies that everybody craves.

The Girl Scout's marketing director said she signed for more than $26,000 in Girl Scout cookies, but local troops including her own have been trying to get a hold of her since February!

CNN reported that the Girl Scout's are most concerned about the troop affected.

“Right now our biggest concern is actually focusing on recovering and maintaining the troop for the girls. They use those funds for service projects, educational trips. The biggest point of the cookies sale is actually financial literacy,” said The Girl Scout marketing director, Haleigh McGraw

The 26-year-old's court date is scheduled for May 26th. She is facing felony charges and could recieve up to 10 years in prison!

What would you dooooo for a Thin Mint cookie?!

Photo: Hollywood Unlocked