Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

All Clear! Rumors Of Migos Splitting and Making Solo Projects Are Put To Rest

Fans were rushing Twitter in a panic after rumors of the beloved Migos surfaced saying the group may split!

Close sources clarified that there is no talk, idea or even hope of the group splitting up or dropping solo projects. The speculation stems from a lot of the side projects the guys have going on outside of their group. We see more and more  of the members independently being featured on the songs of other artists. Keep in mind, Quavo is collabing with Travis Scott on a project as well. The final straw was the moment fans saw uploads of new solo tracks to Soundcloud.

The Producer of their solo tracks, OG Parker, found amusement in the speculation. Stating, "I always just hear Migos. All I hear is Migos stuff. They always just talk about Migos." Now we can all get a little rest since that's clear!