Ethan Miller / Staff

Pornhub Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary By Giving Away 10 Year Membership If You Use This Hashtag!

Pornhub is celebrating 10 years of people using lotion in ways it was never originally intended for!

How are they celebrating the milestone? By giving you the opportunity of winning a 10 year membership if you use the hashtag "#PHTaughtMe" on your Instagram and Twitter.

Hollywood Unlocked was able to get a statement from the Pornhub Vice President, Cory Price, “It’s a momentous day here at Pornhub, due in large part to the 75 million fans that now flock to the platform daily and have us favorited on their browser.”

Pornhub pulls in nearly 10 million visits a day, most customers leave umm... satisfied.

If you are interested in the 10 year membership to Premium Pornhub listen up! You need to have fun with the #PHTaughtMe post. Entries will be judged by a panel of Pornhub’s social media and marketing officials, with close attention paid to those using “originality, creativity, and humor.” Winners will be determined by July 1.