Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Bryson Tiller Scores First #1 Album, Lil Yachty Floats to #5

Last week was a BIG music week as, Bryson Tiller, Lil Yachty, & Gucci Mane respectfully released new projects. Bryson's sophomore effort True To Self & Yachty's Teenage Emotions both charted on the Billboard.

Where most artists who see the "sophomore slump" after the success of their debut album, Tiller defied all odds by scoring the #1 album in the country, moving 107,000 units. Funny, because Bryson was scheduled to release the new album June 23rd but, decided to drop it a month early. Good move Tiller.

As for Lil Yachty, he checked in a #5 on the charts with 46,000 units. Those were numbers that he wasn't happy with but, took to Instagram to explain why the album didn't do as expected. Citing that people didn't "understand" him.