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Wall Township High School decided to censor a Juniors yearbook picture by editing out his Trump shirt.

The New Jersey student, Grant Berado, was outraged when he saw his picture and he was wearing a plain black t-shirt.

The was able to speak to the 17 year-old “We didn’t have a dress code,” said the student “The senior (boys) have to wear black jackets and ties, but the underclassmen don’t have a dress code.”

According to The Shade Room the Superintendent, Cheryl Dyer, is also taking the issue serious.

“There is nothing in Wall Township High School’s student dress code that would prevent a student from expressing his or her political views, or support for a political figure, via appropriate clothing and attire,” she said. “Indeed, the administration applauds students for becoming involved in politics, making their voices known, and taking an active part in our democracy.”

The teens father is the angriest of all! He wants the current yearbooks to be revoked, a letter to be sent out with the details as to why, and new yearbooks with his sons original t-shirt to be reissued, otherwise he’s suing!

Photo: The Shade Room