Black Or White: A Lady Used Fake Money At High School Bake Sale

Of course you should never use counterfeit money, EVER!! But if we did, we would probably buy something with some valve. Not buy a brownie and some rice crispy treats!!

Not this chick, because she went to a bake sale for a high school that was raising money for the music program. She got three rice crispy treats, a brownie and possibly a slice of cake, handed a student a $100 bill plus $3, took her items and $80 in change and went to her car.

The student who took the $100 bill, works at a local pizzeria and knows the difference between a real and counterfeit $100 bill. He knew immediately and tried catch up with her, but as soon as he got to her car, she took off.

Read more of the story and see a picture of her HERE