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This Drink May Be The Cure For Hangovers

Waking up after a long night of drinking can be rough. If you have a hangover, you will try anything you can to make yourself feel better.

Some people believe a little hair of the dog will help, while others try laying low for the entire day. Thanks to a staff manager for Tesla, you will no longer have to deal with that dreaded hungover feeling.

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So, what goes into each bottle of Morning Recovery? It's centered around DHM but also includes 5 proprietary good-for-you ingredients!

Sisun Lee, created the Morning Recovery drink which is now currently selling as an FDA-compliant hangover cure. He came up with the idea while reminiscing about his trip to South Korea. While he was traveling, he drank and partied a lot. Needless to say, his partying habit lead him to a series of hangovers. While trying to cure his sickness, he tried a variety of drinks that claimed they would make him feel better. None of the drinks work to solve his post-party feelings.

Morning Recovery on Twitter

tgif Take a shot of Morning Recovery before you go to bed and feel great the next day! Purchase here:

After pairing up with a USC researcher, he put his product to the test in Asia for two weeks. Lee told Business Insider that he was “basically getting drunk every single night” and would still wake up feeling fine. Granted, he gained nearly fifteen pounds in the process, but found out his Morning Recovery drink was a success!

The product launched on July 5 on the website Indiegogo. The drink is FDA-compliant since the drink defines itself as a food supplement. If Lee were to be able to get his drink approved by the FDA, then medical professionals could start prescribing the drink.

Morning Recovery on Twitter

We are now live! For the next 30 days you will be able to purchase Morning Recovery on indiegogo. Cheers to that! ????

Yes, that is right, you could go to your doctor to get a drink that will help out with last night’s drinking fiasco. Even though we are not condoning to go out in a search for a hangover, we would be curious to see if this remedy would work.


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