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Funeral Home Fined After Reusing Casket To Save Money

A Memphis, Tennessee funeral home faces a $3,500 fine after reusing a casket more than 35 times.

Some people choose to rent caskets, for multiple reasons such as they want an open casket ceremony but ultimately want to cremate their loved one. Whens someone rents a caskets, the lining is supposed to be completely torn out and changed each time. However according to Daily Mail UK this funeral home decided to simple sue Febreeze to clean out the casket, and also used hospital body bags as the lining under the body.

Hollywood Unlocked reported that former employee, Jeremy Harris, noticed the disgusting practices being used and reported it to the owners who then decided to fire the employee. Harris reported the complaint in January stating that this has been going on for 35 funeral services. The remains would sit in a room for two weeks stacked up inside of a unventilated room.