Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

A lot More Emojis Coming Our Way Next Year

Get ready to fill those texts with different emojis, because 67 new ones are coming out next year. If there was a time you were about to send a text and needed a frowning poop emoji, but there wasn't one. Well you're in luck, you'll have one soon enough!

The list of 67 potential emojis include body parts, like a bone, leg, and foot. Animals including a peacock, kangaroo, and hippo. There are also many science emojis in the form of DNA, a petri dish, and a test tube, as well sports emojis including a softball, skateboard and frisbee.

The list also includes new smileys, including one with a cape, one with a party hat and one that appears to be very cold.

Check out the full list HERE