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Hooters Changes Their Strategy Because Millennials Don't Like Breasts As Much As Their Elders

According to porn studies, breasts aren't whats in.


People from the age of 18 to 24 are 19% less likely to search for breasts on pornographic website Pornhub compared to all other age groups, according to an analysis conducted by the website.

For comparison, Pornhub visitors from the ages of 55 to 64 are 17% more likely to search for breast-related content.

professor of communications and media at Robert Gordon University, Sarah Pederson, told Playboy,"At the moment larger breasts are out though I’m sure they’ll come back, we tend to react to what went before."

According to industry reports Hooters sales and number of locations have dropped in the recent years. The company is taking action and changing their strategy; if no one cares about breasts, they'll just focus on the wings! They have moved their focus to catering as well as a fast casual dinning experience, with more clothed women and men!