DMC Stops By The Nuthouse

We're still on a high from the conversation with DMC. We've had a lot of people come through and chop it up with us, but when one of the godfathers of Hip Hop stopped by, it was a whole other level.

DMC came in with so much energy, talked about life and gave us all a lesson in Hip Hop! He told the story of why RUN-DMC did the song "My Adidas." He also told us what Prince said to them during one encounter, how "Walk This Way" with Aerosmith came about, and how RUN-DMC didn't want it to be released as a single.

That's just some of the stuff we talked about on the air. The conversation off the air was just as dope! DMC tells us what artists he's feeling and who he thinks is one of the best to ever grab a mic. It's not everyday you get to talk with a legend, so this was a highlight for us! Check out the interview and all the behind the scenes conversations below.