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Artist Khia "My Neck, My Back.." Says She Hopes The Hurricane Wipes Out Tampa

Khia may lose a few of her fans, which is almost all she has considering she basically had one song. You may remember "My neck, my back, my p*ssy, and my crack", yep that girl.

The Shade Room posted a picture asking what celebrity would donate to Tampa if they were hit by the hurricane right after Beyonce had donated a large amount to her home town of Houston. They jokingly called out Khia asking her to donate and she responded with, "Ain't my city I hope them bitches drown." and continued with "I hope it wipe they f**k a** out The only was those spider monkeys will root and leave, please lord."

#Khia is in hot water over comments she made regarding #HurricaneIrma evacuees... ????????‍♀️ Via: @timtboe

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