Guy Googled How To Rob A Bank Before He Robbed A Bank

For the record, we've never robbed a bank! But we don't think googling "How To Rob A Bank" is something you would need to do. Seriously, have you never watch a movie man?

Apparently this dude hasn't because that's what he did. He robbed a bank in Largo of $2000 after handing a teller an envelope with the words “give me money, no bait, I have gun” written on it.

After cops tracked him down in Pinellas Park he admitted to the robbery and to the incriminating Google search. He also told cops that he was plotting a second bank heist, apparently because he had already spent the proceeds from the previous robbery on rent, utilities, and narcotics. Maybe he should've googled "How To Get After With Robbing A Bank."

See his mug shot HERE