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Parents of four-month-old Sterling Koehn have been charged with murder after authorities found him dead in a swing.

Zachary Koehn called the police and reported his son was “unresponsive”. His wife. Cheyanne, later claimed she had fed him just a few hours prior. Authorities arrived on scene and the baby was found dead in the swing.

The baby received an autopsy and it seems the claims the parents were made are not adding up.

Via Hollywood Unlocked:
Baby sterling was underweight, weighing less than seven pounds.

They also revealed that he had maggots in “various stages of development” on his clothes and skin.

The couple later went on to give more statements to the police saying that they had checked “the previous day,” even though a forensic examination of the maggots on the child’s body indicated that he hadn’t had a diaper change in over a week.

Medical examiners ruled that sterlings death was a homicide. However, the couple was charged with first-degree murder.

Their arraignment is set for November 2nd with criminal reports saying, “the facts of this case go far beyond neglect and show circumstances manifesting an extreme indifference to human life.”

Photo: Hollywood Unlocked