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Fans Are Really Worried About Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande fans have started a hashtag on Twitter pleading with the pop star to buckle up.

Freddy????(Girl) on Twitter


Recently, fans noticed that Grande was not wearing her seatbelt in a plethora of photos on social media.

In fact, with all the photos circulating around the Twitterverse, it doesn't look like Grande wears her seatbelt very often at all.

Therefore, fans took to Twitter and used the hashtag to try to reason with her.

tylda ???? on Twitter

listen up ariana, your driver might be great buT YOU GOTTA WEAR YOUR SEATBELT CHILD! #ArianaWearYourSeatBeltPlease @ArianaGrande

z ???? on Twitter

Didn't notice before, as I was distracted by her beauty..Now I'm concerned. This fandom is weird but I love it #ArianaWearYourSeatBeltPlease

Moonlightavenue???? on Twitter

@ArianaGrande #ArianaWearYourSeatBeltPlease Ari is like the queen of not wearing a seatbelt.

We agree with fans, Ariana should definitely be wearing her seatbelt!

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