Scott Olson / Staff

Man Receives $7.5M After Breaking His Hip At Walmart

No pain no gain right?!

According to Hollywood Unlocked an Alabama Army Veteran went to pick up a watermelon at his local Walmart in 2015, when doing so his foot got stuck in the slated wood plate the fruit was sitting on. upon falling the veteran shattered his hip which left him with a lawsuit.

Walker argued that he used to play basketball several days a week and is now restricted to walking with the assistance of a walker. He sued Walmart for negligence and wantonness, stating the store had not kept its premises reasonably safe.

The video of his own fall paired with the video of several other falling in the same place pushed the jurors towards siding with Walker and reportedly awarding him with $2.5 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages.

Hollywood Unlocked reported that Walmart didn't agree with the decision of the court and thought it was,

“excessive in light of the facts.”