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8 Ridiculously Expensive Items You Can Find In Tiffany's 'Everyday Objects'

When you think you think of the retailer Tiffany’s, two things probably come to mind; Audrey Hepburn and expensive! Recently, the internet has been up in arms with the cost of some common everyday items. Here's a peek at eight objects that are currently listed online.

  1. Made out of sterling silver and vermeil, this tin can will set you back $1,000. Of course it has a simple blue hue that will remind you where you purchased it!

this is the story of a girl who cried a river & dr on Twitter

Siri, show me "photos that will bring about the revolution" https://t.co/WqgJPgcFGk


  1. Who doesn’t want a silver ball of yarn hanging on their desk? Your cat better not use this a toy because it costs $9,000.

Alisha Rai on Twitter

Whenever I get linked to Tiffanys I poke around until I find the product that makes me go uh WHY. Today's winner:


  1. You’ll look super fancy sipping out of these paper cups. We are assuming they are not actually made from paper since the website states they’re dishwasher safe. Either way, the robin’s egg blue cups will set you back $95.

Emily C. Singer on Twitter

Is it April Fool's Day?


  1. An 18-karat gold oversized paperclip will look perfect resting on your desk. Pick up your own handcrafted, yet artistic office supply for $1,500.

Ngoc Oanh on Twitter

Tiffany's Is Trolling Everyone With 'Everyday Objects' That Cost A Fortune https://t.co/WPs4Q4c5MH


  1. Get nostalgic with this sterling silver and American walnut yo-yo. You can feel like a kid again for $300.

zoE on Twitter

OK who's gonna pay up & get me this tiffany yoyo


  1. Remember these things from math class? This object is also made out of sterling silver and American walnut. Figure out some equations for $540.

Helen Escott on Twitter

I am definitely going to need this $540 Tiffany & Co triangle for Christmas to straighten my life out.


  1. We thought paper straw were fancy! Look like the bell of the ball with this Tiffany’s item poking out of your drink. Get your own for $250.

E L L ???? on Twitter

£300 straw from Tiffany's? I'm that extra


  1. Make your lines straight with this sterling silver ruler! You will look super fancy with this on your desk.

John Byrom on Twitter

So Tiffany Co sell 'every day items' now. For example a ruler. £425 later and it still does the same job.


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