Ethan Miller / Staff

Trey Songz Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Strip Club Attack

TMZ reported that a fan was ecstatic about meeting Trey Songz but the night took a negative turn and she's now suing him.

The Philadelphia girl had purchased VIP tickets to meet Trey Songz at Vanity Grand Cabaret strip club. After arriving she claims Trey Songz was hostile and disrespectful the entire night to the staff as well as patrons, and by the end of the night things got physical.

Via Hot New Hip Hop:

According to court documents obtained by the gossip site, the woman, who has not been publicly named yet, claimed she tried to snap a pic of Trey in the parking lot but he attacked her; smacking her phone out of her hand and right into her face. As a result, her glasses were broken.

The woman is suing the singer and the venue, for $50,000. She’s claiming the club knew Songz had a tendency “toward violence and negative interaction with the public.