Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Michelle Williams Paid Only $80 Compared To Mark Wahlberg's $2 Million For Reshoots During Movie

DAMN! That doesn't look or sound good! "All the Money in the World” star Michelle Williams was only paid $80 a day to do reshoots for the movie while Mark Wahlberg was paid an incredible $2 million!!!

They had to do reshoots because Kevin Spacey was featured in the film and after he was accused of rape they replaced him with actor Christopher Plummer.

The pay gap here between Michelle and Mark is LARGE to say the least but who's fault is it really? Can you blame Mark Wahlberg's agent for negotiating a better contract??? He is the main star in the movie BUT then again only $80 for Michelle Williams is just embarrassing and the director and movie company should be ashamed that this news came to light.