Robber Gets Locked In Store, Begs To Be Released

If you're going to be a tough guy, carrying around a gun, robbing stores and stuff. You better stuck it up when you get busted!! That is not what this dude did. He actually did the opposite. He begged for them to let him out lol.

Here's what happen. He rolls up on a cellphone store and asks an employee to open the register. She says "No" and customers and workers leave the store, while the employee shuts the door, locking the robber inside.

This dumb ass doesn't realize it at first, but his whole plan is foiled when he tries to leave. When the panic sets in he tries kicking the door open, running into it at full speed with his shoulder, he even tries shooting the door open, nothing worked. He tried one thing, he begged and pleaded on his knees for the employee to let him out. Yeah, it's to late for all that man!!

Watch it all go down on the surveillance video below