Meet Black Panther's Stunt Double

Gui DaSilva-Greene

Have you seen Black Panther's high-flying kicks and jumps? Imagine having enhanced speed, strength, and hand-to-hand combat skills. Stunt professional Gui DaSilva-Greene got to live like Black Panther everyday. DaSilva-Greene is a stunt professional and the man behind the jumps and kicks of the character Black Panther in the fim Capatain America: Civil War!

Long before breaking onto the big screen, he was one of the Harlem Shakers and "Get Lite" street dancers.

DaSilva-Greene's success in the dance world lead to an opportunity dancing for Chris Brown. Then, after moving to Los Angeles and touring extensively with Chris Brown, he decided to stop dancing and pursue being a stunt professional.

His big break came as when he was cast to be the stunt double for Chadwick Boseman in Black Panthers first appearance on screen in Captain America: Civil War. DaSilva-Greene says he is not fond of heights, "it wasn’t a day of just dealing with heights. There were a couple of weeks of rehearsing the jump. With every jump I started to feel more and more comfortable which allowed me to, on the day, be the hero and not be “me”.

Unfortunately Gui DaSilva-Greene was not in the new Black Panther movie. We asked him if he looks forward to filming again as as double for Black Panther, "It all depends on what’s going on, he said. "I really don’t get a say in whether or not I’ll be given the opportunity to be in the suit again. My best friend is now the double and I feel he did a good job and I’m sure they will stick with him."

Often times the behind-the-scenes people like editors, make up artists, and stunt professionals don't get much recognition. So when you see the movie, make sure to remember Gui DaSilva-Greene's name and his contribution to the film.

We think Black Panther represents inspiration, and much like the character of comic books and film, Gui DaSilva-Greene's journey from dancer to stunt pofessional is also an inspiration! Want to check out more of his work? You can see some of his professional reel below:

New reel in the works. #comingsoon

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